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Consider This... Mandatory Steroid Testing

I think the role of government should be limited to providing essential services to taxpaying citizens and helping in times of local, state, or national crisis.

And now our state government is right on target stepping in during what I consider a national crisis...steroid use among high school athletes! If you haven't heard, Texas law will now require high school athletes face mandatory steroid tests.

I think the recent exposure of rampant steroids in professional sports has opened all of our eyes. Role models like Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco and others have been cast into this deep shadow leaving many questioning the very talent that made them famous. Is that what we want for our kids? Of course not, so it's about time someone stepped up and took a hard stand against this.

Some have argued that if you're going to test athletes, why not test everyone for drugs? I say hogwash. If you want to play, you should be singled out and tested for anything that would give you an unfair advantage.

Consider this; the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball have not taken a hard enough stand against steroid use. So I think politicians, this time, are well in bounds requiring tests for student athletes. The only thing wrong with this law is that not all states are participating. 

That still puts athletes from Texas at a disadvantage when competing for college scholarships, but it is a good start to stomping out an unfair, illegal and dangerous practice. It's time we show our kids that not only is it a health hazard, but there are consequences for cutting corners.

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