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Gaines County Cleans Up After Hurricane Force Winds

Damaged roofs, radio towers down, and department stores collapsed in Seminole and Seagraves overnight. All that damage was done by straight line winds up to 97 mph. The storms started around 10:30 p.m., and lasted about 45 minutes.

In Seminole, there are reports of roof damage and trailer home damage. We know that a 300 foot radio tower fell on the Agape Church, damaging buildings and crushing a bus. We also know the roof collapsed at the Beal's department store. A Walmart semi truck was overturned by the winds. Witnesses also reported trees and fences that were blown down by the winds.
Trana Sparks, a Seminole resident witnessed the winds, "It was just blowing so hard that you could just hear those trees just cracking and they made a pretty loud boom when they went down."

In Seminole, another radio tower fell into a butane company's office building. It's unknown how severe the damage is there. There are no reports of injuries. Were told most of the power has been restored in Seminole, but sheriff's officials in Gaines County were unsure if power was back on in Seagraves.

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