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More Benefits for the Drug Raloxifene

You may have heard of the drug Raloxifene. It's one of the newer designer estrogens. Since it helps strengthen bones, it's approved to treat Osteoporosis, and it's also used to prevent Breast Cancer. Now you can add one more benefit to the list.

Raloxifene may be good for the heart as well. California researchers followed nearly 8,000 Postmenopausal women with Osteoporosis who took Raloxifene for four years. They found the drug reduced the risk of heart attacks and other episodes by 40% in women who were at high risk for heart disease.

Recent studies have found a slight increase in heart attack during the first few years a woman takes hormone therapy for menopause. Researchers note that this study found no such risk during early use of Raloxifene. The study was conducted at the University of San Diego School of Medicine and is published in the journal of the American Medical Association.

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