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Everyday Hero: Blas Mojica Jr.

Lubbock will celebrate Independence Day with its annual 4th on Broadway celebration next Wednesday. Those who are considered Everyday Heroes have been nominated to be recognized by riding atop a float in this year's parade. Up until that time, NewsChannel 11 will be sharing their stories with you. 

One of the heroes that will be honored on that float is Blas Mojica Jr. He has served four military tours of duty including Vietnam. Now years later, he is still finding a way to serve the Lubbock community.

Blas Mojica Jr. has spent most of his life serving the United States of America. He's a retired Vietnam veteran who served in the Navy, Army and the Marine Corps. 

"I had six brothers serve in the military." He is just one of the twenty members in his family that have served in the military," Blas said. 

Now, this 68-year-old spends his days helping the less fortunate, and he's taking his handy man skills with him. His friend Lorenzo Martinez helps him along the way. 

"Blas always says let's take this to people that need help. I say ok, let's go,"Martinez said.

Blas repairs homes that are often considered substandard or in need of extreme repair.  In some cases, the floors, ceilings and walls are rotted out. He's currently working on 11 homes in north Lubbock. He has to move fast before code enforcement starts handing out citations. Some homeowners can't afford to make all the repairs that these homes need and that's why Blas is a blessing.

Blas repaired Armando Hernandez's home.

"I'm just so proud of what he's doing ya know," Hernandez said.

"The people who have the means and give for one little project like that, they could save lives," Blas said.  

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