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Oxi-Clean Spray-A-Way: Does It Work?

It's a little bottle, but it packs a bunch of power. It says it right here, "powers out stains instantly." 

We'll see how strong it really is when we match it up with soy and mustard stains, grass and dirt stains, ketchup stains, and coffee stains on three white T-shirts.

The instructions say to coat the stain.  I am not sure it will work on mud and grass stains, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.  Then once you spray, blot the excess off and then wait a few seconds.  The directions say the stains should disappear!

OK, if it doesn't disappear, then you start the process again.  Which is what I had to do.

The grass and mud stain, no surprise, didn't go away. Neither did the soy and mustard stains. The ketchup stain is still there too. The only place we could see a big difference was on the coffee stain. The stain was treated with Oxi-Clean Spray-A-Way, but was still faint. 

So does it work? I don't think so.

We paid about $3.99 for this product at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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