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Possible Link Between Marsha Sharp Utility Work And Water Line Breaks

Water is still draining down some Lubbock streets after crews respond to three water line breaks in one day on Thursday.

It started about 8:00 Thursday morning, first at 66th and Avenue R. Then minute later, another line broke at 82nd and Utica and hours later, crews were sent to 20th and Flint. We are told these breaks may be a result of the Marsha Sharp Freeway Project.

As NewsChannel 11 has been telling you all along, crews are re-locating water utility lines for the Marsha Sharp Freeway. It is that project which puts Lubbock on restriction in the first place. It's also the one that's putting a big strain on our water system. And Thursday, all that pressure has apparently caused some breaks.

One of those lines is at 66th and Avenue R, which broke about 8:00 this morning. Crews were able to stop the water by about 9:30, but not before nearly 40,000 gallons of water were lost.

Around the same time, residents at 82nd and Utica woke up to a nearly 30 foot water fountain.

"I thought it was raining so I came out here and saw there was humongous water shooting up in the air," resident Crystal Gilster said.

Crews had the break under control by about 10:30. All together, both breaks caused about an 80,000 gallon water loss.

Thursday afternoon, crews were still working on this water line break in the alley at 20th and Flint. The water loss is considerably less there and despite the breaks, the city still plans to lift more water restrictions Friday.

"We're still on target to open up another zone in the city tomorrow and by the 4th of July week, we're hoping we'll be opening zones more frequently," Assistant Director of Water Utilities Aubrey Spear said.

Currently, those living east of I-27 and north of 4th Street are allowed to water their lawns once a week. The city has not announced which part of the city will be the next to water.

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