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Everyday Hero: Sgt. Mike Steen

Lubbock will celebrate Independence Day with its annual 4th on Broadway celebration Wednesday, featuring some local everyday heroes. "Everyday Heroes" is the theme of this year's 4th of July festivities.

NewsChannel 11's Nicole Pesecky has the story of Sergeant Mike Steen, a Lubbock police officer who is taking the slogan "to serve and protect" to a whole new level.

Sergeant Mike Steen spends his days in uniform, serving and protecting the Lubbock community.

"We'll be cleaning up some elderly peoples yards that are getting tickets, so they can get those tickets canceled," said Sgt. Steen.

But once he clocks out at the Lubbock Police Department, he clocks in to the community and won't be getting a paycheck for his efforts.

"We wanted a place where young people could come and see that police officers are just like mom and dad except we carry guns," said Sgt. Steen.

Steen has been a big part of the LPD's Explorer Post since day one. The program was started 9 years ago and gives teens the chance to actually become part of the LPD team.

"He just puts in the attitude and motivation for us to be police officers, tells us what to do, keep our records clean, attitudes right, keep a job," said Andy Malone, member of LPD Explorer Post.

"Sgt. Steen, he's awesome. He's really cool, not just an officer. He's someone you can talk to about any problems," said Brooke Anderson, member of LPD Explorer Post.

These kids realize Steen's dedication and can't wait to follow in his footsteps.

"You can just be an officer, but when the citizen's of Lubbock know that the officer is not just protecting them, he's also helping others," said Malone.

As for Sergeant Steen, he says the program wouldn't be what it is today, without his fellow volunteers.

"All the officers that are giving up their time to come out and mentor these kids, it's not just me. But I realize the impact we're making and that's what I want to do, give these kids a place where they can go to feel comfortable," said Sgt. Steen.

Steen also volunteers his time as a Big Brother.

"He went up and beyond anything we could have asked him to do," said Cindy Miller, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock Executive Director.

For the past 3 years Steen has devoted himself to his Little Brother, teaching him life lessons and family values, even getting him his first job.

"I think he's not only a role model for other Big Brother and Big Sister, I think he's a role model for everyone in the community," said Miller.

4th on Broadway Schedule of Events
4th on Broadway has helped to make Lubbock a major tourist attraction for the July 4th holiday, by attracting over 100,000 people annually to the event and becoming the "Largest Free Festival in Texas."

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