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The iPhone: A Hit Across Lubbock

It's the craze that's sweeping the nation. The new Apple iPhone is now on sale in Lubbock and across the US. Before the doors opened Friday night at 6PM, people were paying big bucks to keep their place in line.

"My husband got in line last night about 7pm, stayed over night and then we sent my son up here to hold a place in the line for someone else and they paid him $150 just to hold their place in line," Sheila Wuensche said. 

Sheila paid her dues by spending time in line for not one but two iPhones.

"This is a business tool for me. I can take it with me and I really needed something with more features and flexibility and expandability that I can use to get my work orders for various computer installs and repairs so I've been looking forward to it for a long time," Wuensche said

Features, flexibility and expandability. Those three things help Sheila and her computer business. That business made life in the line for the iPhone a little bit better for all.

"I do computer repair and I installed a wireless router and modem so everyone could surf the net while they were waiting to get their iphones," Wuensche said 

Another happy customer can proudly call herself the first lady in Lubbock to have the new gadget.

"It's very exciting to be the first female her in Lubbock to get it. I'm very excited," Suelam Saldana said

Suelam arrived at 6:00 Thursday night, waited first in line through the night, and eventually finally got her new toy. For Your Mobile Devices
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