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Storm Damaged Church Starts to Rebuild

The Agape Community Church in Seminole was destroyed by the 98 mph category two hurricane force winds that ripped through Seminole this past Tuesday night. But two things those winds could not destroy are the hearts and the spirits of the people who worship there.

Church Sheppard Mike Byrum said, "So this is almost like a new beginning to us. In our lives we have a lot of new beginnings, starting over and new leases on life."

Mike is leading the cleanup effort in the building his church used to congregate in and call home. Agape Community Church was destroyed when a 300 foot radio tower fell and crushed the building, the result of hurricane force winds that hit the Seminole community that night.

Mike said, "We don't have a book to go by but the main thing is getting the tower out and cleaned up and then the next step will be to start tearing this down and getting rid of it and during that process we'll be making plans as to what we're going to do."

Brian Snodgrass and Robert Armstrong, both members of the church volunteered Saturday to help clean up.

Brian said, "We treat it as a blessing. We're just thankful that the tower didn't go. There are houses all around here. And it's good that it fell here and not on some homes where someone would be injured."

Robert added, "The first blessing is that someone wasn't hurt in something this devastating. The urgency now is to get as much out of here now that can be salvaged."

"Everything happens for a reason and like I said, this is bricks and tin and concrete. It's a great place to have services but if you get to the bottom line it's just a building and the church is people," Sheppard Byrum said.

The men removing all that debris from the falling tower say they are going to have all of that removed and a new tower standing in its place within the next six weeks. Regarding this church, all the people there are not sure how long it's going to take to rebuild but one thing they are sure of is that they are going to rebuild.

If you would like to help the Agape Community Church you can donate money or your time. The church is located at:

209 SW Ave. D
Seminole, TX 79360

The phone number you can call is: (432) 758-1150

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