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Everyday Hero: Elizabeth Abraham

"The period in the hospital and the period in the nursing home, has prepared us for the inevitable," Duane Cotton said.

It's not easy to prepare your family or yourself for death, but that's exactly what one Lubbock woman does everyday. Elizabeth Abraham has been a chaplain with the Hospice of Lubbock for 13 years, but each day is a life learning experience.  

"If we could help people to have a good death, it not only affirms their life, it affirms all of life," Abraham said. 

Gladys Cotton is 91-years-old. She recently had a heart attack and now has trouble walking. So her family decided it was best for her to stay at a nursing home.

The decision was difficult, but the family says Elizabeth has helped the transition become a little easier.

"We cry with families sometimes. I've cried with this family because it's a sad time and yet it's very meaningful," Abraham said.

"Not only does mom need the physical support that hospice can give her, but she needs the emotional support that a social worker can give her, and she needs the spiritual support that Elizabeth gives her," Gladys' son, Bruce Cotton, said. 

Since Gladys has become ill, her sons Duane and Bruce are closer than ever before. With the support from each other and Elizabeth, the inevitable is becoming a little less painful. 

"She's a hero, she's my hero because of what she does for us and what she does for mother and mother looking forward to her visits," Duane Cotton said. 

Elizabeth admits it's not easy developing relationships with people she knows will soon be passing on, but she feels it's her responsibility to help them finish unfinished business. 

"I love what I do. My life is enriched by the people that I get to be with. I have so many fabulous stories and learn so much about how to live life," Abraham said.

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