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Texas Renal Coalition Opens New Office in Lubbock

"Decrease the Increase., That is the Texas Renal Coalition's campaign to increase awareness of renal disease on the South Plains.

Rita Littlefield, President of the Texas Renal Coalition, says that most people do not think they will get the disease.

"We just want the public to be aware that the chronic kidney disease can happen to just about anybody," says Littlefield.

Friday, the coalition opened a new office at 4709 66th Street, here in Lubbock. The coalition is funded by private donations, but they say they need your help. Dr. Glenn Stanbaugh, is the chairman of the Texas Renal Coalition, he tells NewsChannel 11 the public is needed to help the program.

"We need donations, and if anybody has an inclination to donate to a worthy cause saving kidney function, saving quality of life for chronic kidney disease patients, saving tax dollars, saving health care resources and most importantly saving lives," says Stanbaugh.

Individuals most at risk for renal disease are: those with diabetes, overweight individuals, seniors and those who have heart disease or high blood pressure.

To find out more information on the Texas Renal Coalition or how to donate click here.

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