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L.P.D. Trying To Identify 7-11 Shooter

Lubbock Police are taking your calls, hoping to receive a tip that will lead them to the suspect in a fatal shooting early Monday morning.  They're trying to identify a man that surveillance video shows gunned down 21-year-old Chase Pendleton at the 711 at 34th and Memphis.

The suspect is described as white man in his mid-20's, around 6' tall, and 190 lbs.  If you can help police identify the man, give Crime Line a call at (806) 741-1000.

Police are still looking for a motive behind this shooting.  From the surveillance video, detectives say it doesn't appear the men knew each other, but they're still looking into it.  Right now, they tell NewsChannel 11 that a dispute at the store may have sparked the shooting.

NewsChannel 11 arrived on the scene moments after the shooting that took 21-year-old Chase Pendleton's life.  Emergency crews rushed Pendleton to University Medical Center were he later died.

Police quickly taped off the area and questioned a crowd of witnesses outside the convenience store.  One witness, with blood spatter across his face and shirt, breaks down. After composing himself, he appears to demonstrate what he saw, but breaks down again.  It's a terrifying story all captured on the store's surveillance camera.

Pendleton walks into the 7-11 around 1:16 a.m. Monday.  He's wearing a dark polo.  The suspect walks in just seconds later.  He's wearing a white shirt, and ball cap, and appears to know a man walking next to him, wearing a blue shirt.

While the suspect is in line, waiting to pay for gas according to police, Pendleton and two other men, who he apparently knows, walk in front of the suspect.  One of the men with Pendleton appears to push the suspect, and the suspect moves back as Pendleton walks through.

The suspect then leaves the store, walking past Pendleton.  In the footage, it does not appear that the suspect says anything.

Police say the suspect retrieved a gun from his car.  The video shows him approach Pendleton just outside the store's main entry, and windows break as the suspect shoots Pendleton.

Once the shooting stops, the man in blue runs from the store.

Another man, 21-year-old Marcus Smith was shot in the arm. 

Police are still looking for the suspect, and the man in blue could face charges as well.  If you have information about either of the men, or about the shooting call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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