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Lubbock Business Leaders Say The Hub City's Infrastructure Needs Improvement

Lubbock business leaders say the Hub City's infrastructure needs improvement. The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce surveyed its members in an effort to gauge the community's priorities should there be a bond election this fall.

Earlier this month, nearly 2,000 chamber members received a survey and in a week's period, some 600 responded. Which chamber officials tell NewsChannel 11 is the largest turn out of its kind.

This may just look like another survey, but in this case, it is serving as the Lubbock business community's voice. 

Norma Ritz Johnson, Vice President of Legislative Affairs for The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce says, "It's to try and gauge member opinion. To gauge their needs, their concerns and this is an area where we think it's really important that we communicate our member's views."

To do so, the chamber asked members what possible capital improvement bond authorization.

"The Lubbock business community has a lot of skin in the game, has a big stake in what goes on with bond authorizations and what happens in the Lubbock community," says Ritz Johnson.

Out of 600 responses, Lubbock's infrastructure came out on top, followed by public safety and the improvement of city parks.

"Last year, in a city budget survey we did of our members, public safety came in first, so I think that's really noteworthy," adds Ritz Johnson.

At this time, the city council has not yet seen the results. However, when NewsChannel 11 informed Lubbock Council Member Floyd Price he said it is no surprise.

"They're saying some of the things we've been saying since I've been there the last 3 years; that we've got infrastructure that we need to fix," says Price.

Yet, Councilman Price adds improving infrastructure comes at a cost.

"You can't get by free on this thing, it's gonna cost us. So you either do it on a bond election or you have to have a tax raise to fix it," adds Price. 

The survey results will be presented to the citizens' advisory committee. The chairperson tells us they will use these results as a point of information in developing their bond recommendations.  The city council is expected to hear the committee's suggestions the middle of this month.

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