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Farmers Asked to Search Their Land For Peggy Merimon

The Merimon family is watching fireworks at Buffalo Springs Lake to celebrate July 4th, but it's one more holiday they're celebrating without their mother, Peggy. For Peggy's husband's Geral, it's a 21st wedding anniversary he cannot share with his wife.

Peggy Merimon has been missing since last August when she was last seen leaving the Lubbock State School with Kay Harrelson. Harrelson's body was found just days later, but for the Merimon family, the search continues. Now a Lamb County farmer is asking other farmers to join the search.

For Geral Merimon, the search for his wife is an every day effort, one that takes him on the back roads of the South Plains. One day that search took him to Billy Tiller's farm in Littlefield.

Tiller says, "I'm thinking who is this guy and I begin to chew Geral out pretty good for trespassing and that's when I figured out it was Geral Merimon."

Tiller was surprised to learn Geral who is legally blind was trying to search 15,000 square miles on the South Plains by himself. Tiller says, "He's doing this, everyday. It's a relentless search for him. I don't think every man can say he would be searching for his wife 11 months later and I think we need to lend him a helping hand."

Tiller is calling on other farmers to search their properties. Tiller says, "The thing about me and about every other farmer is, I know my own land. What would take Geral days to look at, I can look at in hours."

Geral says, "It's new hope meeting Billy. It's a chance. I don't mind a chewing every once in a while." 

Farmers in 13 counties are already participating. Once the land has been searched, farmers are asked to go to their local farm service agency and mark the area on a Platt map.

Geral says, "I want them to check wells and places normally they know about but no one else does."

Tiller urges farmers, "Take a few hours because someday, some hunter or some rancher is going to find Peggy Merimon's body."

To participate farmers simply need to search their land and mark it off at the farm service agency. Meanwhile, Texas Equaasearch is planning to conduct another search July 19th.  

To help with search expenses, the Merimon family is hosting a benefit concert at Buffalo Springs Lake August 4th. Country music artist Jeff Griffith will perform along with the Shane Rogers Band, Cory Dutton Band and VIA 1585 Band.

Tickets are $12 and you get into the park free with a concert ticket. There is a $5 BYOB cooler fee. You can purchase tickets at Ralph's Records, Dollar Western Wear, Accessory Depot and The Buffalo Lake Front Gate.

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