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Food for Thought Report 2.21

City health inspectors visited two local schools this week to see if cafeterias there are making the grade. Irons Junior High received a Top Performing score with no critical violations. The list of schools continues at Bayless Elementary where inspectors found the improper use of the date making system. Some bagged chicken was found inside a cooler with no date mark. Other violations included soiled ceiling tiles. The inspection report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Moving into our Top Performing restaurants. Our first is a steak and bar-b-q place that is definitely not coming in flat. In fact, this is their second time on the Top Performing list. Specializing in the tastes of West Texas, Flatlanders at 2419 Broadway has no critical violations, and that makes them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Nestled in an old and unique building near Texas Tech, Owner Georgia Benton says it's a perfect blend of old charm with a new twist. "It's a great building. It's been here for a long time. It had a fantastic reputation for years and years, but now it has been cleaned up, revamped, and pulled up from the boot straps," said Benton.

Benton says nothing but excellent food and a clean facility will be found at Flatlanders: "A clean kitchen is a part of it. Everybody knows exactly what they're supposed to do at all times -- don't stand for anybody being lax or not paying attention to the guidelines and regulations they're supposed to follow."

Moving on to a favorite in these parts for the last 20 years with signature items like their hefty fried cheese and the He-Man Woman Hater. (That's a very big burger for those of you who haven't been there.) They've been a Top Performer in the past, but the last time we talked with them, it was because they'd gotten a Low Performing score. Now according to the owner, things are back to the way they're supposed to be. Spanky's, at 811 University, is a NewsChannel 11 Food for Thought Top Performer, and owner Lisa West says that's the way it should be. "Actually, things are back to normal and you know our customers come in and they know they'll get the best burgers and food like we've served it for 20 years, and we want them to know and feel comfortable that they'll get the same clean environment that they've always gotten," said West.

West says traditional food favorites and great employees have earned Spanky's it's second Top Performance. "I think it's the consistency of the food and our standards, and we have a great staff that walks in and are ready to give 100% every day," she says.

Continuing with our Top Performing list, Taco Bell at 4644 50th St. got a perfect score with no critical violations. Also, Speed's Billiards at 4009 19th St. also brings in a perfect score with no critical violations.

There were no low performing restaurants this week.

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