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4th On Broadway Celebration

Wednesday Downtown Lubbock came to life with the 4th on Broadway Parade. Marching bands, bag pipe groups, fire trucks and horses all met in one place at one time to celebrate the 4th of July. And for one crowd favorite, it's all about having fun.

Cyd Seideman said, "We have had fun... I will admit we've had a lot of fun."

Cyd and neighbor and Sharon Fitch have been part of the 4th on Broadway Parade for 18 years now. In fact the first year they took part their kids were in diapers, riding in a truck. 18 years later, they're marching too.

Sharon said, "Every year we pick a theme. Well the parade picks a theme and we try to go along somehow but put a twist on it."

Cyd said, "We bring it down to citizen level. We bring the parade thing down to citizen level. We don't go global with it; we don't go citywide with it."

You see, these ladies and their group are all very proud residents of Tech Terrace. And one thing they all have in common: pride in their lawns. And the water ban of late was the theme of their march, a message to the city to let them water.

Cyd said, "We're ready to water. It's just fun and we hope they take it that way."

Cyd added, "If we fuss loud enough will you fix the darn thing and let us water our lawns. It's just a joke."

Sharon said, "Tech Terrace is very interested in good lawns. We like to have our lawns looking green and lush and nice. We have a lawn of the month and we have really had a hard time this year with water and keeping our lawn mowers oiled and in good working order."

Cyd and Sharon say their group practiced for three weeks, two times a week and if they caught someone out for a walk in their neighborhood during a practice, they pulled them into the fun.

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