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HealthWise at 5 From 2.25

  • Surgical Sealant

A surgical adhesive that can close wounds without stitches may also help keep infections at bay. That's according to new labeling approved by the FDA, which says that Dermabond seals out the most common infection-causing bacteria. Dermabond is a liquid skin adhesive that can be used to close lacerations and surgical incisions. Recent studies have shown the surgical glue is up to 99% effective in preventing infections from five common bacteria, including E-Coli and certain Staph infections.

  • Superior Health Risk

Your boss could be paid for your health assuming you don't get along. That's the word of British researchers who measured the blood pressure of 25 health care employees, each with two supervisors. The employees who liked one boss more than the other had significantly higher blood pressure levels on the days they spent with the boss they didn't care for. In fact, their blood pressure jumped from an average of 113 over 75 to 126 over 81. Experts say that's high enough to cause potentially serious health problems.

  • Amateur Olympians

The 2002 Winter Olympics may be over but health experts want you to know that attempting to imitate your Olympic heroes may be asking for trouble. Viewers are often inspired to try things like skiing and skating, but officials at the University of Michigan say they can risk serious injury because they haven't trained like Olympic contenders. If you want to try a new winter sport, experts suggest warming up your muscles, dressing right, and knowing your limits. You may not win a medal, but you'll stay safe.

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