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07/07/07 Weddings Adding Up To Big Bucks For Hub City Businesses

07/07/07 is Saturday. It's also reportedly the most sought after wedding date of the year, and Lubbock is no exception.

"7-7-07... It's a lucky day. We've been dating for 12 years," Jacqueline Jones said.

She and Curtis Garcia went to the Lubbock County Courthhouse Friday to have the standard 72 hour waiting period waived by a judge so they can get married on 7-7-07.

They said, "Easy to remember. It's got to be lucky and it's easy to remember."

7/7/07 may be luck for the people getting married Saturday, but for Lubbock businesses like limo companies, this means big business.

At White Knight Limousine, "It means big business. We're doing all the limos. I talked to a couple of friends in the hotel businesses, and they don't have any rooms available, just due to the fact that there are so many weddings going on," said Jessica Alberes with White Knight Limo.

While across town, "We're doing about 2 to 300 tuxedos this week," said Men's Warehouse Manager Miss Norma.

At Men's Warehouse, they've had literally non-stop business. And that business, though stressful, has been fun.

"I think we have about 90 of them left still. But it's been fun, it's been an experience. When we were booking them we were like, OK, are we excited about this? And we are, it's been fun," Miss Norma said. 

And there's nothing more important or stressful for the bride than her dress. And hoping for some luck, brides started searching for their 7/7/07 dresses more than a year ago.

"We knew last year that 7-7 was going to be a big day because we saw a year ago January people start coming in for that day," Sallie Carol-Morris with Mor Le said.

But imagine wanting to get married on 7/7/07 and giving yourself what you thought was plenty of time but...

"We've seen the overflow coming in for 7-14, 7-21 because they couldn't get wedding places or reception places," Carol-Morris said. 

Out at Spirit Ranch, they have two events scheduled at the same time. In fact, they've already started scheduling for their next two big days.

"We've got June 7th of '08, so 6-7-08, and we've already got one planned out here. And then there's also Aug. 8th of '08 that will be coming up that will be a special day," Michelle Loran with Spirit Ranch said.

And what would a wedding be without flowers and a cake?

"Normally on a weekend we try to do two on a Saturday and tomorrow we're doing four," Erin McFadden with Town Floral said. 

While Amy Cantu at Nories Confections said, "At Nories Bakery we have a total of seven wedding cakes for tomorrow, so that's a lucky number."

Both Town Floral and Nories Confections have seen a major increase in sales due to the luck of the sevens.

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