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7/7/07 Means Luck For One Lubbock Man

It's finally here, 7/7/07. And for some today equals luck times three. But for one Lubbock man, born on 7/7/77, today is just another birthday.

We sat down with Brandon Putnam as he turns 30-years-old Saturday.

Brandon said, "I've gotten a lot of attention from a lot of people. My dad's trying to be my publicist and calling around and saying we need to get Brandon on the TV and I'm like, OK, whatever."

You see, Brandon isn't a publicity hound. In fact, he'd rather not have the attention. But that didn't stop his family or everyone else, for that matter, from making the triple seven in his life a big deal.

I asked of his mother Karen Putnam, "What was it like in the hospital that day? Was it as big of a deal then as it is now?"

Karen said, "I don't think so. I don't really remember. I remember our family thinking it was cool that he was born on 7/7/77."

Brandon said, "It gets you attention. People laugh or give you funny looks when you're in a checkout line paying with a credit card but other than that, it really doesn't change your life."

Brandon doesn't remember his childhood really revolving around his unique birthday but he does recall his first brush with the media: his 7th birthday of course.

"The biggest thing I remember, specifically about my birthday is when I was younger I remember the Lubbock A. J.  came out and took my picture," Brandon said.

In fact, friends and acquaintances alike think that Brandon's birthday does spell luck. And because of that luck Brandon's received some odd requests. One person even wanted to rub his head for luck. Brandon respectfully declined.

Brandon added, "Maybe it's just because it's different or some kind of weird coincidence or it's just something funny, like I said that looks funny on paper, you know, 6-7-8 or 07-07-07. It looks neat and it's different."

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