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A Murdered Lubbock Man Is Remembered

Friends and family are remembering the victim in the murder of retired Air Force Colonel 73-year-old Don McCullough. Up until his final moments, even giving the man charged in this crime a bottle of water, friends say Don McCullough led a life of service to others.

Some friends said:
"Just a great guy. Fine human being."
"He was always able to give me the right path to go down."
"He will be dearly missed."

No matter who you talk to about Don, comments like that seem to never run out.

"I know I'll miss him," said Lee Cox.

Lee has known Don for more than 20 years. Lee and his wife, Ginny, had what seemed to be a lifelong friendship with Don and his wife, Margaret Mary.

Lee said, "Don and Margaret Mary and I and Ginny had cultivated a friendship after this 20 plus years that we've known each other. We've played golf together; we've gone on short vacations together."

Their last trip together was just a few weeks ago in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Lee added, "He always had a joke. Good sense of humor, even when we served together in the military."

That's right. Friends say aside from being an all around fun guy Don was a military man, ending his military career at Reese Air Force Base here in Lubbock.

"He was a stickler for details. Being the retired colonel that he was, he was sometimes...he sometimes had a rough, gruff demeanor. But inside, he was nothing like that," Don's co-worker Lisa Spears said.

"And people really didn't see that side of him. He was....he was a human being, just like the rest of us are. He had emotions and feelings and cares. He loved his wife and his family," Lee added.

After serving his country, Don went on to serve his community. Helping people find jobs through WorkSource of Lubbock. Lisa Spears started as his personal assistant.

Lisa said, "He had a passion for service. No matter who it was for, no matter who he was helping. The man had to be helping somebody and doing something for the community."

Another WorkForce employee, Richard Waite, credits Don for his success in life, as Don served as his mentor.

"A mentor... in fact I lost my father just about a year before I went to work for him and I looked at him as a father figure as well," Richard said.

"I always looked at Don as a mentor. I attribute my being selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel...well, other than the fact that I worked hard, that Don was there to push me," Lee said.

All seem to agree that Don was one of a kind and will be missed.

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