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Woman Recovering After Dogs Attack In East Lubbock

Wednesday afternoon a woman is recovering after being attacked by dogs in East Lubbock Tuesday night. The woman was walking home when she was viciously attacked by two loose dogs.

Neighbors in the area say they're concerned why the dogs were not taken after the incident, since they say this isn't the first time they've attacked.  

Around 10 p.m. Tuesday night, a woman was walking home in the 4800 block of Avenue D when all of sudden she was brutally attacked by two loose dogs.

Josie Nejre, a witness says, "She was walking down the road and this dog started barking at her and she started running. By the time I looked over there the dogs had gotten her when she crossed the street."

The woman was bit in her leg by the pit bull mixes. EMS and Lubbock Fire were the first to respond to the scene. Soon after the owners of the dogs returned them to their home at 4707 Avenue D.

Animal control was notified about the attack and responded about 20 minutes after the scene was cleared. The Lubbock Police Department says they did not respond to the incident, because Lubbock Animal Control said their assistance was not needed.

At last check, the dogs were still in custody of the owner, but the director of Lubbock's Animal Services, Kevin Overstreet, says they have issued a warrant to quarantine the dogs Wednesday.

Some neighbors say that would be a relief, "That's not the first time they've done this, that's the 3rd time they've done that. They've went after kids on bikes and stuff."

The woman was transported to University Medical Center with minor injuries. Were told she has since been treated and released.

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