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Foreclosure Items Cause Eye Sore In West Lubbock

It looks like someone is having a garage sale in West Lubbock, but residents in the 5400 block of 28th Street say one front yard is simply an eye-sore. Shoes, clothes and other items have been sitting there for nearly a month now.

Neighbors tells NewsChannel 11 authorities stopped them from cleaning up, saying it was trespassing on private property.

So, where did all this stuff come from? The shoes and books are from the past owners of the house when it was foreclosed on last month. Lubbock County posted a Rite of Possession from Countrywide Home Loans out of Plano June 18th. It gave those living here 24 hours to vacate.

The Lubbock County Constable for Precinct 4 says Countrywide Home Loans hired a Dallas company to move everything out then clean it up.

"The company that was hired by Countrywide dropped the ball. Basically they asked me while they were out here removing stuff from the house when they had to haul it off. I told them that's up to them they are the agent they should know the law," says Lubbock County Constable Carroll Thomas.

Thomas tells us Wednesday Countywide Homes says they are going to clean up the mess; however they first had to submit bids to The US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Countrywide Homes has not returned our phone calls, so we're not sure when they're planning to clean up.

However, neighbors say, they hope it's soon.

"It's hard to put a house on the market when you have trash next door. And plus with all the rain we're worried about mosquitos and West Nile and just makes the neighborhood look trashy," Neighbor Debra Robinson.

We called the city and now they may take action before Countywide Homes. Under the health ordinance, the city can remove these items and charge the current property owner which could take place on Friday.

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