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Viewer Response to Consider This on Insurance Dispute

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Dan,  as an employeer who is self funded with tax payor dollars as is the city and the county, BCBS is, in my opinion, only being prudent with the promise they have made to us.  they have promised to keep cost to a minimum.  other doctors in Lubbock seem to be able to operate under the discounts offered by BCBS without demanding a significant increase.  our employees will only receive about a 3% pay increase while this group of doctors is wanting much more.  i support the firm stance that BCBSA is taking because if affords me the opportunity to offer health care to our employees at an affordable cost and allows the district to put excess funds into education, which is our business.  thanks for your concern in this situation.  please realize that a very comfortable stlye of living is being enjoyed by most of these doctors while teachers mostly live month to month.  please feel free to contact me.  thanks.

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There is enough blame to go around for both insurance and hospitals. I'm on disability and had to go to the ER not too long ago. Four hours in the ER cost me $15,000 and $250 for the doctor. Also $650 for lab test. I think there is plenty of room for everyone to give a little. It does not seem like anyone is looking out for the patient, especially if they have no insurance.

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I have to admit that I didn't think you would say much on the Covenant/BCBS deal since Covenant sponsors so many things for you.  I'm glad you did.

I am a teacher for Plainview ISD.  We have the state insurance and guess what?  3 of the 4 plans that are offered to us are BCBS.  The other is First Care, but it costs more.  Most of the doctors in Plainview are Covenant doctors and our hospital is also Covenant.  It's like a monopoly.  For my family personally, 2 of our 5 doctors are Covenant (4 are in Lubbock).  Only 1 is with UMC. 

At first I didn't know who to be more upset with, but the more this thing drags on, the madder I get at Covenant.  I'm to the point of switching to all UMC doctors.  UMC could really use this situation as an opportunity for great advertisement.

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I have been following the story of Covenant vs. Blue Cross fairly closely.  What I am NOT hearing is that this ultimatum apparently is coming from the Covenant organization in California and NOT our local doctors.  To place the responsibility on the doctors MAY be very unfair of the media.  You should check this out.

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I think that the Covenant Medical Group has gotten "too big for their britches" excuse the old-school term for what is going on with the situation between them and Blue Cross.

Yes, I am sure that Blue Cross may not be reimbursing to the full extent of what the physician's feel is appropriate and fair, but has anyone bothered to take a look at the rates those doctors are charging? On average for the region, are they fair and reasonable? Maybe the physician's group charges have fallen out of what is considered reasonable and necessary. Someone should take a look at that angle, there could be a reason for Blue Cross's actions.

Sure the CMG says they will still see patients who have Blue Cross, but the patient will have to pay all the charges up front and then file their own claim with the insurance company. Anyone who has ever worked with any insurance company knows that when claims get filed electronically that they can ‘get lost', can you imagine what will happen when and if these patients have to start sending in their paper claims to get reimbursed? You are correct; the patient is going to get the short end of the stick in many regards.

If I were the patient, I would find a physician in this town (and there are many of them) that accepts Blue Cross and move their business to that physician.

Consider This... Insurance Dispute
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson's thoughts on a dispute between one of Lubbock's biggest group of doctors and a health insurance company.

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