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Video Games Help Senior Citizens

Earlier this week, we heard from a study group that decided video games can be positive for young people in helping them relieve stress. More good news tonight for video-gamers, but this time the positive influence is for the over 70 crowd.

Now that a study indicates video games can be good exercise for both the body and the brain. Angie Cosme, 78, says she needs her video games and she says she's become an expert at washing windows. Not at home, but at the San Bernadino department of aging where they provide video games designed to help people exercise.

"This is fun while we're at it also. It's much easier than doing your own windows at home," Angie Cosme said. 

Doctor Ernie Medina says even for people who don't like to exercise, video games can make physical activity fun. There are some now that offer a virtual gym which uses a video game to give the player a real workout at whatever level they choose.

"When I started seeing how these games can apply to seniors, I thought, 'wow, this can not only help them physically, they can do things if they are limited in their physical activity, but also in their mental status. They're having to concentrate on the game so that stimulates their mental.' So it hits both the physical and the mental," said Dr. Ernie Medina, a Preventive Care Specialist. 

"The seniors loved it. Absolutely loved it. To do their window washing, run with the J-mat, bowl with the Wii," said Paula De Silva, a dietician.

If that sounds like a foreign language to you, those are all video games centers that promote physical activity.

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