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Is Lubbock A Safe Place To Live?

So, is Lubbock still a safe place to live? That's the question some Lubbockite's are asking after a weekend of violent crimes and two recent murders that appear to be random. Out of those we spoke with, men and women, young and the young-at-heart, all seem to think that Lubbock isn't as safe as it used to be. But Lubbock's District Attorney Matt Powell says nothing could be further from the truth.

"Still a lot of crazy people out there and for some reason, this is a bad summer and we can probably expect things like this. People just need to be cautious," said one Lubbockite.

While another said, "Lubbock's getting more populated and the more population you get the more crime you're going to have."

But is that true? Recent headlines may give the impression that crime is on the rise in Lubbock.

"It just kind sends shockwave's throughout the community," District Attorney Matt Powell said.

But Powell adds that Lubbock, as compared to other cities its size, has a very low rate of violent crime.

"You go to other big cities or cities our size there's a murder you have the 30 to 40 to 50 murders per year. So when you look at that with our other crimes, robberies, aggravated robberies, rapes, those types of things, our numbers are way down," Powell said.  

So far this year, there have been nine murders within the city limits.

We average anywhere from 12 to 14 in a given year, so we're right on pace with that and Powell says numbers have drastically decreased in the last 20 years.

"In '86, they had 35...36 murders so you've seen those numbers go drastically down and it just seems in the last couple weeks the types of murders we've had, you know I tell folks all the time it's almost impossible to get killed in Lubbock, Texas," Powell said.

I asked the DA, "Is Lubbock, Texas a safe place to live?

"No doubt about it."

And we found one Lubbockite who agrees.

"You hear about it on the radio and the news all the time but most of the time, it's a good place to live," Powell said.

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