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Raising Awareness to Post-Partum Depression

The Andrea Yates trial in Houston and the tragic deaths of her five children bring new awareness to a potential problem after the baby gets here, Post-Partum Depression. There is a warning out saying there are still vulnerable women out there who may be falling through the cracks. "If we had more support services, such as social workers, nurse practitioners who could evaluate these women, we would be ahead of the game," says Dr. Margaret Spinelli, M.D., a Psychiatrist.

Dr. Spinelli believes one solution is a simple questionnaire like any patient fills out in a doctor's office asking women if they feel depressed. Another solution is Ob-Gyns who focus on delivering a healthy baby, follow up on the mental health of the mom after the baby arrives. Meanwhile, the suicide of a Chicago woman, a new mother, who jumped from a hotel window has led to a bill in Congress that would fund Post-Partum research and establish grants for special treatment centers.

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