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Consider This... Impending Bond Election

By now you've heard Lubbock voters could soon decide on $300 million in city projects. Projects like a performing arts center, massive renovations to the Civic Center, a new multi-purpose arena, and more. And these projects would ensure a significant tax increase for Lubbock citizens.

I'm not going to dissect the pros and cons of each item until city council actually decides what to put on the ballot, but I will make a couple of observations so far.

First, I would like to thank this committee for their time, effort and energy. However, I would like to know if the bulk of these projects are needs or wants? I have yet to hear a plan on what I think are our critical needs. Like water pipelines, more police, fire stations, and fixing our existing streets. Maybe there is a plan and it will cost another $300 million in taxes next year.

Second, I was surprised to learn the politically appointed committee making these suggestions didn't hold one single public hearing or town hall meeting during the process.  Maybe they were afraid of what they would hear. The Chamber of Commerce did poll it's members. But $300 million in taxes is too much, not to have more citizen input.

Now a new committee, charged with selling the final projects, will be holding the town hall meetings. It all seems a little backwards to me.

Now I am all for making Lubbock a better place to live and raise a family and I am certainly for an itemized choice. But if this group really wants to know where Lubbock is, I have received a lot of viewer feedback.  

They might want to consider the following e-mail from Erin Lee.

Erin writes:  "Why doesn't the city focus more on public safety, road renovation and water conservation? These are important issues. I do not want my tax dollars wasted on the limited entertainment that Lubbock provides. Before being entertained I would like to be able to water my yard when I want, drive down just one street without hitting a pot hole and offer someone a drink without getting stabbed."         

Now that's a bold e-mail, but this is a very bold proposal.  I'll be interested to see what city council decides to do with it.

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