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Food Safety in the US

The CDC estimates that 76 million Americans get sick and 5,000 die from food borne hazards every year in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Tuesday on Capitol Hill, many testified that Americans should be worried that our nation's food supply is sick and it's going to get sicker. Especially now that the FDA plans to close seven of its 13 laboratories. But here is how that agency responded.

"Although the changes may be painful, we cannot depend on a current laboratory system that exists today to carry out the responsibilities of tomorrow," said Dr. Andrew Von Eschenback, an FDA Commissioner. 

Consumer groups say over ten percent of the average American diet is imported food, but less than one percent of imports are inspected by the FDA, claiming that is a setup for disaster.

And just when you think the situation can't get much worse, a new report is expected later this week that will detail major FDA weaknesses in inspecting fresh produce.

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