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The Toastabag: Does It Work?

Make perfect toasted sandwiches and other snacks with no mess with this, the Toastabags. You get two bags in your package and they're reusable. It says you can use them up to 100 times.

This little snack maker costs $8, but Does It Work? To do this test, we are going to need some ingredients.  Not one, but two slices of bread and cheese. We're also going to see how it reheats cold pizza. Every snack made in a toaster. 

I thought the bags were paper but they're actually plastic, almost vinyl. The bags are small in size, about the size of a slice of bread.  

Let us try the pizza first. All you do is slip it into the bag and put it in the toaster. I had to read the directions to make sure I was not missing something. The next step was to push the toaster lever.

As I was waiting, a thought crossed my mind, "what if it catches fire?"  I hoped not. I kept a watchful eye on the bag in the toaster, ready for anything even sizzling pizza. You could hear it sizzling.

The bag was hot after it was ready to be removed. I emptied the pizza and it was hot. As for the bag, it did not appear to have melted, browned or burned.

I washed the bag in soapy water before moving on to my next tasty project of grilled cheese. I put the grilled cheese into the bag, and really had to shove it into my toaster. It was too thick, even though my toaster has wide slice openings on it.

The toaster popped up the grilled cheese and it was toasted. Although the cheese had not melted well enough, I stuck it back in for a couple of minutes.  Finally, the sandwich was near perfection and nicely toasted.

The Toastabags does exactly what it claims it will do, it works!

To order the Toastabags, go to this website.

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