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Lubbock Family Has History of Child Neglect

NewsChannel 11 has learned this isn't the first time hazardous conditions have forced the courts to remove certain children from their home.

On Wednesday, a Lubbock judge ordered seven children removed from their rodent infested home at 20th and Avenue L.

Investigators responded to the home earlier this month, after their mother, Gloria Ramirez, 24, miscarried and began making inquires about a casket for a stillborn child. The four month fetus was delivered at home, with the help of her oldest child. Authorities later found the fetus inside the woman's refrigerator.

Code inspectors had condemned the house, which was filled with dirty diapers, more than a foot high in some areas.

Anthony Moya, father to the six youngest children, is now charged with seven counts of child endangerment.

And NewsChannel 11 has learned that this not the first time the kids were removed. Back in 1999, Children's Protective Services removed the children for physical neglect, but later returned.

"In 1999, there were two children in this family," said Greg Cunningham, of the Department of Family Services. "We felt that they had created a situation where those children could be safe, now there's about 7 or 8 children in this family."

This time, each child needed treatment for head lice.

Investigators intend to talk to the children, who are now in foster care.

Ramirez may also face charges.

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