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Nineteen Dogs Deemed Dangerous In Lubbock This Year

One more dog in Lubbock is now considered "dangerous" following a Thursday afternoon hearing at Lubbock City Hall where two dangerous animal cases were heard.

A dog and its owner participated in a non-judicial dangerous dog hearing if a dog attacks or bites another animal or a person.

"Right now again what we are trying to determine if the dog is going to be deemed dangerous or not," said Shawn Byrd of Lubbock Animal Services during the meeting.

The dog in question is a German Shepherd now in custody of Lubbock Animal Services. The dog attacked a Lubbock postal carrier, leaving him with 100 stitches in his face. The carrier had gone to the door to deliver mail, when a child opened the door, letting the dog out.

"Based upon the information that I have right now, I do find that the dog is a dangerous dog," said Lubbock Animal Services Director, Kevin Overstreet.

Overstreet did not order the dog be euthanized but by law gave them the following requirements:

  1. They must obtain liability insurance with a $250 thousand minimum policy
  2. They must pay a $100 dangerous dog fee to the city every year for the rest of the dogs life
  3. They must post beware of dogs signs around their home
  4. And the dog must get a microchip implant

The owners have 15 days to comply with the board's ruling if they don't; the dog is humanly put to sleep on the 16th day. In some cases, the laws are more severe and the dog could be put to sleep immediately. It's all up to animal services.

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Dog owners beware. Beginning September 1st, if your dog attacks someone away from your property, you could face jail time if convicted. NewsChannel 11's Holly Kennedy learned Wednesday how the City of Lubbock plans to get the message out to dog owners before the new state law takes effect.

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