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State Launches Investigation Into Commercial Insecticide Death Case

Lubbock police now believe they know where the commercial grade insecticide that killed a 2-year-old may have come from. A family used that insecticide to fumigate their home in the 1300 block of East 15th Street on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, the family was experiencing health problems.

Glorie Judie was staying with the family at the time, she says, "They took the baby in the bathroom soaked in vomit then she stopped vomiting and we went back to bed. But a little while later I started getting nauseated."

Two-year-old Fantasia Dunn died after inhaling the insecticide. The rest of the family has been treated and released from the hospital. However, the investigation is far from over, as police learn where the chemicals may have come from. 

The Texas Department of Agriculture has launched an investigation into how the family received the insecticide in conjunction with the Lubbock Police Department. Fantasia's mother reportedly said she received it from a neighbor and investigators say they may know where the person in question got it from, but they are not releasing that information just yet.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Agriculture says, "We are waiting to coordinate with the appropriate authorities so that we can get a look at the canister to get the information of the canister, to get the EPA regulator number the lot number."

The commercial grade insecticide is not something you can buy over the counter. In the State of Texas, you need a license to purchase and use this type of chemical. It's because of that, the person responsible could receive up to a $4,000 fine and or lose their contractor's license.

On Thursday, the house remained closed off, until the fire department says it is safe to go back inside. We are told that could be sometime Friday afternoon.

Investigators Say Autopsy Should Reveal Accidental Poisoning
Investigators say autopsy results should reveal what they already suspect, that an industrial strength insecticide took the life of a two-year-old Lubbock girl Wednesday morning. 

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