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HealthWise at 5 From 2.27

  • New Fight Against Fat

Tthere's big news in the fight against fat. Researchers have identified a protein that may lead to new anti-obesity drugs. Experts already know that fat cells constantly die, and a special gene is needed for new fat cells to develop, but the gene is active in other tissues and produces two different proteins. Now, researchers at Pfizer say they've isolated which one is the culprit. They now hope to develop a drug that can block the action of that protein and the growth of new fat cells.

  • Anthrax-Fighting Screensaver

Researchers at Oxford University want to use your home computer on their effort to find a cure for Anthrax. The Anthrax Research Project works by using a special screen saver you can dowload for free. By doing so, you're donating your computer's idle time to research, enabling scientists to build a virtual supercomputer, capable of analyzing billions of molecules in a fraction of the usual time. They hope to get at least 160,000 computer users to respond. You can download the screensaver by (clicking here ). 

  • Dust Busting Alleriges

Dusting with a dry cloth may be good for some of your fine furniture, but it's bad for anyone in your house with allergies. British researchers found that dusting with a dry cloth simply sent more dust into the air, but spraying a polish onto the cloth first cut the concentration of airborne dust particles by 83% and if you spray the furniture first before dusting, it reduces the amount of airborne dust by 93%.

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