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Soy Cream's Health Benefits

We already know that eating soy beans may help prevent heart disease and some cancers. Now, it seems rubbing soy cream on your skin may offer health benefits, too. The key is a compound in soy called Lunasin, which studies show can help ward off cancerous changes to DNA.

A study in the journal Cancer Research found that mice that were rubbed with the soy protein Lunasin had significantly lower rates of skin cancer than the mice that didn't get the soy skin treatment. As usual, more studies are needed, but researchers at the University of California at Berkeley say they hope to be able to create a Lunasin based sunscreen or skin care product as a result of their studies soon.

Now, there are some soy based skin products already on the market, and a team from New York University Medical School is presenting evidence this week to the American Academy of Dermatology's annual meeting in New Orleans -- but not related to cancer. Instead, they say soy based skin products on the market now may help lighten dark spots and even out skin tone. So, still some benefit even without the cancer connection.

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