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"Misunderstanding" Prompts A Resignation

A member of the volunteer Listen Lubbock Board has resigned after what he calls a misunderstanding at Thursday night's bond election meeting.

Last week NewsChannel 11 reported that the council was presented with a $300 Million bond package by the Citizen Advisory Committee. Some of the committee recommendations include renovations to the civic center, construction of a multi-purpose arena as well as road improvements in southwest Lubbock.

With a $300 million bond election on the horizon, Listen Lubbock was formed to allow citizens the chance to learn more about the bond before it goes to city council for a vote.

Apparently Friday's resignation comes after a dispute between the committee member and recently elected city councilman Todd Klein. Randy Christian is the Listen Lubbock committee member who resigned.

Christian says he did so after Thursday night's incident and said on Friday that he doesn't want anything to cloud this complex bond election for the citizens of Lubbock.

"There is a lot of things here, a lot of superfluous kind of things in this bond package that I have a lot of questions," said Lubbockite Kelley Jennings.

Jennings makes clear there is plenty of discontent about the bond package among citizens.

"The confidence factor is at an all time low here," Jennings added.

She's talking about confidence in the city council. And that lack of confidence prompted Listen Lubbock board member Randy Christian, to confront Lubbock City Councilman Todd Klein after Thursday night's meeting.

Christian's reason being he was uncomfortable with Klein doing a television interview with another local station. Christian says he requested council members not attend the Listen Lubbock meetings. Why? He felt current council members could be a distraction because of recent controversy surrounding current council decisions.

After Christian resigned he sent an e-mail to Councilman Klein, stating:

 "It is important to the credibility of listenlubbock.com to keep the forums apolitical and not seen as being driven by city all or council. This is why I asked you to please not participate in the TV interview. It was my intention to try to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding that might stem from your appearance on a newscast in regard to the listenlubbock.com forum. I would have made the request of the Mayor or any council member in attendance last night. My quest was not intended to be argumentative."

In response to that e-mail, Klein said:

"I accept and appreciate the apology though it wasn't necessary. I certainly don't want the council to cloud the issue. There was a misunderstanding and what happened last night is in the past and people should focus on the merits of the bond and not the distractions of last night. I simply went as a taxpayer and a citizen and not as a councilman and if someone would have asked me not to attend, I would have had no problem respecting that request."

Christian says that a request that no council members attend the Listen Lubbock meeting was sent to City Hall, however Klien says that he never received that request and that if he had, he would have never gone.

 NewsChannel 11 placed a call to the mayor's office today and they were unable to confirm or deny that any request of that kind was ever received.

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