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City Crews To Resume Seal Coating Streets Monday

Be prepared to encounter crews working on local streets beginning Monday morning. City workers will continue seal coating streets located primarily in South Lubbock.

Crews hope to have the project complete by Friday but warn that inclement weather and possible equipment problems could slow the process.

They will be working on the following streets: 99th Street, 100th Street, 101st Street, and 102nd Street from Gary Avenue to the cul-de-sacs East of Gary Avenue

  • 103rd Street from Gary Avenue to the alley East of Gary Avenue
  • Gary Avenue from 98th Street to 103rd street
  • Orlando Avenue from 98th street to 102nd Street
  • 101st Street from Orlando Avenue to the cul-de-sac to the East
  • York Avenue from 100th Street to 101st Street
  • 100th Street from Wayne Avenue to York Avenue
  • Troy Avenue from 106th Street to 109th Street
  • Richmond Avenue from 109th Street to 110th Street
  • Raleigh Avenue from 107th Street to the cul-de-sac South of 109th Street
  • Quinton Avenue from the cul-de-sac north of 108th Street to the cul-de-sac south of 109th Street
  • 106th Street from Vicksburg Avenue to Troy Avenue
  • 107th Street from Raleigh Avenue to Richmond Avenue
  • 108th Street from Quaker Avenue to Salem Avenue
  • 109th Street from Quaker Avenue to Troy Avenue
  • 110th street from Quaker Avenue to the alley west of Richmond Avenue
  • Richmond Avenue from the alley North of 107th street to 109th street
  • Vicksburg Avenue from 103rd street to 106th street
  • Utica Avenue from the alley North of 103rd street to 103rd Street
  • Utica Drive from 103rd Street to alley south of 103rd Street
  • 103rd Street from the alley east of Utica Avenue to Vicksburg Avenue
  • 85th Street from Quaker Avenue to Richmond Avenue
  • Peoria Avenue from south Loop 289 access road to 72nd Street
  • 72nd Street from Peoria Avenue to Quaker Avenue

If you live in the area where crews are working, the city asks that you not park along the street until the job is finished.

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