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Lubbock Sees More Burglaries in Certain Areas of the City

Police say they've seen a slight spike in home burglaries especially in south and central Lubbock. So NewsChannel 11 went to speak with residents in that area to see how safe they felt and turns out many were surprised by the news.

In the past month, Lubbock police officers have been frequenting south and south central Lubbock responding to home burglaries. Sunday morning, a neighbor witnessed an officer responding first hand.

"There was an alarm that went off, and police officer came by to check the property," explains Ben Waters, a resident in the area. 

Sergeant Mark Wims with the Lubbock Police Department says it's unusual to see a slight spike in burglaries during the summertime. Burglaries usually occur during holidays when Tech students are on vacations.

"You got kids outta school, so you got kids that are home in the day that get into mischief this sort of thing, but also you got more people at home. That's harder to pick a house to break into if somebody's not at home" Wims explains.

After several break-ins in the area of 42nd and Quaker, police caught one robber red-handed and a total of 4 people have been arrested in connection to the burglaries. We talked with some residents in that area who say they feel safe and were surprised by the recent activity.

"About a year ago, it happened quite a bit around, and our shed was broken into $600 worth of tools were stolen. Never got them back or anything either, but here lately, I haven't heard anything," says Laura Sproles, a central Lubbock resident. 

But another Lubbock resident say he's not surprised at the sudden increase in criminal activity.

"No it doesn't, I mean as fast as Lubbock's growing, the more influx you have of people from different areas. People are getting to know each other less and less as their neighbors and you have more of a disconnect in relationships, which results, I think, in a higher crime rate," Waters said.

So what can you do to protect yourself from being a victim? Sgt. Wims says to keep your lights on when you're not home or out of town. Obviously an alarm is a good deterrent, and motion detectors come in handy as well.

Many burglaries occur while residents are on vacation, so the Lubbock Police Department offers a service called a vacation watch. They will notify officers patrolling your neighborhood and place your residence on their patrol list. To schedule a vacation watch, you can call (806)775-2865 or (806)775-2817.

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