Community Coverage: Post Theater Takes Audiences To Another Time and Place

The Ragtown Gospel Theater in Post is offering audiences a viewing experience that takes them back to 1st Century Israel. Chip and Glenn Polk, brothers from Post, have built a unique place to perform the Gospel.

"The first thing people say when they walk inside is my goodness, this is stunning," Glenn Polk said.

Chip and Glenn Polk are Post natives. They're also gospel performers who had a vision.

"We are here to entertain but it's also ministry," Chip said.

Their vision was to create a place with state of the art sound and lighting that would not only give people the chance to see a great show but also take them to a time long since past.

"As you look around this building, you'll see things that are from Israel and the ancient city of Jerusalem," Glenn said.

From the arch you walk through, representing the arch at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to the scenic views of Isreal seen through white pilars... the Tower of David which still stands in Jeruselem today.

"And of course above us, the Proscenium which is representative of the Golden Gate where Christ made his triumphant entry," Glenn added.

Chip and Glenn say the biggest compliment they've received comes from people who have actually been to Isreal and comment on how real to life the space is.

"We have just been thrilled and blessed at how people have responded to what we're doing here at ragtown gospel theatre," Chip said.

As is true with virtually any project in Post, Glenn and Chip say they had no shortage of help. In fact, some of that help is visible today.

"When we set out about doing those angels, those are actually, the models for the angels are our crew members," Chip said.

Chip and Glenn believe in the idea that "if you build it, they will come" and come they have.

"The thing about Post that's unique, when you drive off the Cap and down into Post, you feel like you've gone somewhere, and you have," Chip said.

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