Community Coverage: Bob Collier & Pharmacy

Healthwise Monday night, NewsChannel 11 introduce you to a colorful character who has spent his whole life in Post, Bob Collier.

Bob says his dad bought the town pharmacy from CW Post back in 1907 for $2,000. That was before Mr. Post launched his cereal empire. Back then, it seemed he was more interested in keeping whiskey out of the pharmacy and we'll let Bob pick up the story from here.

"Years later in 1965, I got a prescription for spiritisfermentirecticalcus, and I went back into the old computer brain about 30 years and I thought, well that's whiskey! I went out and told my patient and said this is whiskey. He said well, I know it, I just don't want to go over there and buy it from the liquor store. So, I went out the backdoor and bought a fifth of whiskey and poured it into a prescription bottle and I guess we sold the whiskey in 1960 something. But I haven't filled a prescription for whiskey since 1965," Bob said.

Bob says the thing he is most proud of is his pharmacy served the community of Post 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If someone called in the middle of the night, he'd open up the pharmacy to help them out and he says in his 55 years there, he only missed three night calls.

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