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Former Lubbock Chief of Staff Sets Out to Clear His Name

The former Chief of Staff to the Lubbock City Council wants his job back.

Dixon Platt requested a hearing, and the first day of testomny ended just moments ago at City Hall.

Platt was fired back in May, after an internal city investigation accused him of racist and sexist comments to and about city staffers and elected officials.

On Tuesday, Platt claimed he was never approached about any inappropriate comments until he was placed on administrative leave.

Platt cited three items, he believes led to his termination: the first is retaliation by Lubbock City Council members, for blowing the whistle on a reportedly closed door meeting in Washington, D.C.

The second is race discrimination. Platt alleges that Hispanic city staffers are discriminating against him.

And finally, Platt believes he was fired because of "Pure Petty Politics."

Now you may be wondering, after all this, why Platt would want his job back; Platt said, "Why would ABC company hire me with my face being all over the press? I'm too much of a risk. You are a front page story."

Platt added that he is willing to go back to work for the city. "I'll go back to work, as long as people are reasonable and fair. I'll be reasonable and fair."

The hearing continues Wednesday at City Hall. NewsChannel 11 will be there to bring you the latest developments.

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