Community Coverage: Olton's Past Continues to Influence the Present

Olton will celebrate its centennial next year. The town got its start in 1908, but people that pass by Olton's population sign might think one thing.

"That it's just a little unimportant town on the Plains, but it isn't," Director of the Olton Museum Mozelle Trotter said.

Built from the ground up in 60 days, W.P. Soash had big plans when he founded the town in 1908, but it seemed the most difficult task was finding a name.

"One of the families out north of town established a post office in his home, and he submitted a name and it was declined by the postal service because there was already a post office with that name. He submitted a second choice and it was declined as well. So, a neighbor said well send the baby's name in and they had a little boy named Olton," Trotter said.

If your lucky, Trotter will share more stories from the past.

"In a way, Olton pioneered the school bus," Trotter said.

Proof that big things have rolled out of Olton. R.V. Allcorn's grandfather actually developed what many believe to be the first school bus. The reason: he did not want his daughter to travel five miles on horseback to school.

"The first thing they fixed a buggy and enclosed it. Anyway, the Ford Motor Company heard about it so they sent a representative down to kind of look it over and see what the deal was," Allcorn said.

The rest is well history.

Horseback seemed to be the best mode of transportation for the most famous person to come out of Olton. No one knew when Mickey Harrison left Olton at the age of 16 he would become a big western movie star known as Sunset Carson. Today, you can view the dozen or so movies he starred in at the Sunset Carson Theater.

So perhaps the next time you drive through Olton, you'll see something more than just a small town, you'll see a place where the past continues to influence the present.

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