Community Coverage: Olton EMS

The Olton Volunteer Ambulance Association program began in 1979 with just a few volunteers, but today, this EMS team has 42 people serving 3,000 people around here, and they say they have a response time of less than 6 minutes.

But even though Olton may sound like a small town, one volunteer told NewsChannel 11 you never know who you'll meet in an ambulance.

"We were taking this elderly lady to Lubbock, I believe, and we got her assessments and everything and we were on the road, and I started asking her some questions, and I asked her how old she was and she turns to me and says a lady does not tell a gentleman how old she is, and it was hard keeping it professional the rest of the way. I was trying not to laugh at her, and then she flirted with me and batted her eyes at me all the way to Lubbock," Olton Paramedic Don Smith said.

Another note about the spirit of volunteerism in Olton, the people here knew they needed a place to care for their elderly. So, they raised enough money to build the Runningwater Draw Care Center and the Sandhills Village Assisted Living Center. Both facilities are run on contributions from the community.

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