Community Coverage: Olton Pays Tribute to Sunset Carson

There is one Olton native who  hitched a ride to Hollywood and later returned a hometown hero. Maurice Harrison got his start as a rodeo cowboy and those skills led him to the silver screen.

But his name was too long to fit on the credits, so he looked out the window, saw Sunset Motors and changed his name to Sunset Carson. From 1943 to 1985, Sunset starred in a number of films, most of them westerns including, The El Paso Kid, Sunset Carson Rides Again and Oregon Trail. He was also featured as the hero of Cowboy Western comic books in 1950.

Today, Olton pays tribute to Sunset Carson with a theatre room at the Sandcrawl Museum and August 6th is Sunset Carson Day in Olton.

For more information about Sunset Carson and his career, click here.

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