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Consider This... County Pay Raise?

Watching the news last night, I was surprised to learn Lubbock County Commissioners plan to give a 13% pay raise to themselves, and a 5% raise to non-elected rank and file employees, and Justice of the Peace Jean Ann Stratton thinks she deserves a 50% raise.

First I recognize the County is a business, but also funded by money from taxpayers. So we'll take it from both perspectives.

As a businessman, it just doesn't make sense to give yourself a raise more than double what your staff gets. I think a 3% cost of living adjustment is a generous and responsible raise for any employee.

Now as a taxpayer, I am troubled they want to give themselves huge pay raises with my money without my approval. But as a businessman, I realize they get to decide who gets raises and how much.

So consider this: I hear this pay raise would put officials on par with other Texas counties. But the question is, are they doing the job that justifies the pay increase? They think so. But ultimately, the people who put them in charge of Lubbock County will decide, because in this business, it is the taxpayer who does the hiring and the firing.

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