Community Coverage: Floydada Is Full Of Funny History

Floydada has a lot of unique stories that even people who live here may not know about, so  we highlighted some of the community's more quirky stories.

"Our goal is to keep the history of Floyd County alive," Executive Director of the Floyd County Historical Museum Bettye Jackson said.

The folks at the Floyd County Historical Museum are doing just that.  Inside you'll find several stories from the past; the building itself is a part of town history.

Even if you're not from Floydada, you may have heard several stories about local businesses and other local attractions, but some of the quirky stories you may not be aware of, just like Professor Ned Walker who used to come to town and try to tell you about yourself by the shape and characteristics of your face.

There's also Guy Howard Phenis and his model trains.  It's hard to believe they're made of tin cans and jar lids.  Phenis turned down an invitation to show is work at the Hemis Fair in San Antonio, but he put his trains on display at the Floyd County Fair for years.

Then there's the Daniel family's pencil and pen collection. Evelyn Daniel started the collection in the 60's, and her sister-in-law updated the collection in the late 80's.  There's something from almost every business in Floyd County.

Speaking of collections, when Maud Hollums wanted to start collecting something unique, she started her comb collection.  She ended up with more than 400 pieces from several different countries, including an oversized piece she called "head hunter", saying she was still looking for a head to fit it. Though the comb probably belonged to a salesman first.

"I think that even the people who give us things, they want to see that remembered, and if you don't have a place like this, then it's not remember," Jackson said.

Another unique story comes from the old Commercial Hotel, where folks say a spirit wonders the hall, but the current owner says he's never seen it.

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