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Community Coverage: Floydada's Famous Julianne Cornelius

Healthwise Wednesday night, NewsChannel 11 introduces you to Julianne Cornelius.

She lives in Floydada, but you might have seen her in the June issue of Good Housekeeping's Quick and Simple magazine. Julianne is recognized nationally as a spokesperson for L.A. Weight Loss, now that she lost 50 pounds and 43 inches in 30 weeks, dropping from a size 16 to a size four, which is good for her, but in a small town like Floydada it could have gotten her husband into a heap of trouble. Here's why:

"With LA Weight Loss, I was the only client in the US to win a trip to Las Vegas. So my husband and I were in the airport fixing to board the plane and a former classmate whom I went to school with and hadn't seen in 25 years saw this 'other woman' standing with my husband in the airport and as it turned out I sat by her on the plane and she goes 'Oh Julianne, I didn't even recognize you. I was fixing to call my mom in Floydada and tell her that Eric had a girlfriend!' So that was like an ultimate compliment," Julianne said.

She is also Miss July in the national L.A. Weight Loss calendar, and you can watch for her in 10 national TV commercials for L.A. Weight Loss. So when you see those skinny before-and-after pictures and you think, are those people for real? We know for sure that one of them is real, and she lives right here in Floydada.

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