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The Zip-N-Go: Does It Work?

The product is called the Zip-N-Go made by Space bags.  They are the "hold everything, go anywhere storage bags," but Does It Work?

These are heavy duty strength bags.  You get a total of nine bags in your package. It has a reinforced handle and just like the sandwich bags, it has an easy zip slider.

We already have a bag stuffed with random items; like a soccer ball, football, a glove, two five pound weights and some shoes.   The bag was very heavy and I noticed the handles had stretched out.  But it never ripped.   The bag did not rip either.  It is made with a thicker plastic.

Does it work? The plastic is pretty tough and thick.  If it can handle all these heavy items, then more than likely, it will tolerate items for the beach, or perhaps carry your small camping gear. The whole box will cost you $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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