Community Coverage: Pumpkins Are Big Business in Floydada

Most of us don't start thinking about pumpkins until October, but in Floydada, pumpkins are big business.

In 2007, there about 1,000 acres of pumpkins being grown in Floydada.

"We've learned what problems there are through trial and error," said Tim Assister, Floydada Pumpkin Farmer. "We stay on top of new things in the market. We have a good climate. We have good underground water and good soil, so it's a combination of growth and knowledge and conditions we have that give us a great opportunites to raise pumpkins."

Pumpkins produce 20,000 to 50,000 pounds per acre. So if you add that up, a maximum of 50 million pounds of pumpkins will be harvested in Floydada this year alone.

Every year, the city celebrates its harvest with a community-wide event called Pumpkin Days.

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