Community Coverage: Food For Thought - Plainview

From Plainview to Petersburg, with Cotton Center and Happy Union in between, Hale County Health Inspector Jack McCasland is always working a double.

"I'm the only inspector for the entire county; I've got about 300 establishments," McCasland said.

McCasland inspects swimming pools, daycares and of course, restaurants. On this visit, we followed him as he made the rounds at the Hale County Senior Citizens Center.

You might say Jack is a "Jack" of all trades. He was in the restaurant business for 20 years, and for the last 10 years, he's served as Hale County's only environmental health inspector.

Each inspection lasts about an hour, as jack checks for safe temperatures, proper procedures and general cleanliness.

McCasland then goes over the inspection with the owner or manager of the restaurant. This time Martin Ducket gets his seal of approval.

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