Community Coverage: Legend Says Plainview Started With A Kiss

Take a look around and you might logically conclude how Plainview got its name. However, some say it started with a true West Texas romance, a cowboy and his girl.

"He promised her he would give her a kiss as soon as they got out of site and the young cowboy would look over his shoulder and could see the parents rocking there on the front porch. Finally, he threw up his hands turned the buggy around and said lets go home we can't steal a kiss because we are still in plain view," Managing Editor of the Plainview Daily Herald Doug McDonough said .

While it's a great story, it's not one you're likely to find in the Plainview Daily Herald.

Not only does the Plainview Daily Herald report history its made history. The papers been around for 117 years making it the second longest running business in town.

There's one face that's landed on the front page several times - Jimmy Dean the Sausage King.

"He was one of the top TV, radio performers, musician singers long before any other country western greats," McDonough said.

That sizzle on the stage turned into sizzle on the stove.

"His second career was sausage, and his first sausage plant was in Plainview, and at the time he sold it to Sara Lee, it was the number one sausage in the U.S.," McDonough said.

And for luck... add some black eyed peas.

"The idea of people eating black eyed peas on New Years Day kind of originated by Ashley Nixon in Plainview," McDonough said.

Plainview has some livestock that you won't see on your plate.

"We were one of the first communities to have different businesses or groups buy and decorate their own cows," McDonough said.

Don't worry they're not "mooooving" anywhere anytime soon.

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